Hello my beautiful friends!

For my first post in 2018 I am going to discuss the notion of being present in the moment, or as I look at it, being awake. You know how you're driving completely zoned out, barely paying attention to the road, but you somehow make it to your destination safely? This is how I was living my life before, in complete autopilot mode. Either dwelling/being angry about the past or anxious about the future/dreaming of fantasy/something other than the now was my way of living. 

I recently went to a life retreat for a week in Calgary called Hoffman Institute which completely changed my life! It totally rewired my brain and taught me how to unlearn negative patterns. We didn't have our cellphones for the week, which was a total brain break, and a nice way to disconnect from the world outside. I'd highly recommend it, or at least read about it online to learn some of the tools I received from the Hoffman Process. 

Being awake and present in the moment has made me realize how much of a beautiful gift my life is and our world is. Love is everywhere for me now, I've finally learned how to forgive myself and have compassion. I feel as if I am in a new relationship with myself.  I'm just getting to know myself for the first time ever, and I am so excited to learn more! I finally feel that I have healthy boundaries, self-control, and I don't let the actions of others get to me anymore. I now know that I don't owe anyone anything, especially my time. It's SO freeing to know this!

Some days are harder than others of course, but the main thing that has helped me stay on this positive new journey is checking in with myself often. The Hoffman Process taught me about my 'Quadrinity', which is composed of: spiritual self, emotional self, intellect and body. These are all connected and have each had a huge role in being true to myself (if I listen to them properly). Checking in with myself has been so key to living a healthy balanced life, and I am so thankful I have finally learned these tools.

Life is great and I'm done complaining. I'm so excited to be alive! I honestly used to think happy people were bullshitting and it's not possible to truly be happy LOL, but now I finally see the light! 2018 has already been an amazing year and I am more than excited to see what other blessings it has in store for me!

Thanks for reading, Sophia XOXO