Hey loves,

I’ve recently been more of a homebody lately with the winter and the holidays having past. A new year always means fresh goals and new energy, so I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on myself and how I feel in the present moment.

I’ve been tidying up and organizing my apartment a lot, writing down to do lists and enjoying the feeling of checking one off the list each time I accomplish a task. I bought a fresh journal and planner, which is bigger this year. I’ve always bought the small planners that can fit in my purse but this year I wanted one that stays at my home on my desk. Look how pretty:


One of the tasks on my list was pending for years actually, something I haven’t been too great at in the past, which is getting rid of old clothes. I hadn’t done that in years. My closet was so full and drawers and plastic bins full. I didn’t even know what I owned anymore because there was so much clutter. Finally last week, I just started it and was on a role immediately. It felt so good! 2 massive suitcases and 2 medium bags later, I feel so much weight off my shoulders. Some of the stuff I got rid of because it reminded me of a time in my life that wasn’t the best, so I wanted to get rid of that energy. Others I just already wore a few times or in a picture etc. I believe that when you get rid of stuff, it makes room for new stuff. Delete old energy, collect new energy.

Another great cleansing method is vacuuming. I have a roomba vacuum that moves itself around my apartment which is so convenient because I’ve always hated vacuuming for some reason. I have hardwood floors so its nice to have a fresh floor. Usually I dust while the roomba is going, so that it can collect the dush from that as well. Unfortunately I don’t have a dish washer, so I have to do my dishes, which I also find cleansing in a way. Any type of cleaning is cleansing (clearly) haha. I'm also very sensitive to smells, so I always have my Saje air humidifier(pictured below) going, with a few different essential oils that I rotate. The Saje blends that I have are: Tantra, Yoga, Goddess. I also have a blend of ylang ylang mixed with sandalwood. I have single essential oils as well: lavender, rosemary, frankincense, jasmine, and tea tree.

Saging (or smudging) is my favourite way of cleansing my home. I actually just did it which inspired me to write this post, and about a week before this too. I’m trying to get into the habit of doing this more often, maybe a few times a week. While I did it I thought of any negative action or thought that happened recently in the areas of my home that I am saging, and I say a mantra of a more positive thing. For example, when I wave the smoke with the feather (pictured below) over my bed, I’ll say in my head “may I have deep sleeps with beautiful dreams”. Another thing I did was sage the photos in my apartment and blessed the people in them. It’s a very spiritual and grounding experience. I also find it very calming. Namaste. Lol. I also like to sage my crystals, which I’ve recently just gotten into, and finished a beginners guide book the other day. I can definitely feel the effects of crystals lately since using them, and I am particularly attracted to my selenite stick. I feel so grounded when I hold it and it seems so cleansing. I bought a few crystals off Amazon but after reading the book, there are a few more I want to buy like citrine and smoky quartz. Right now I have the selenite stick, rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, moonstone, and black obsidian. (pictured below)

I hope you guys loved this post and got inspired to do a little cleansing of your own. Sending peace and love,
Sophia XOXO

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