Hi loves,

Today I feel like discussing the benefits of meditation and how happy it has made me. For the past 3 months, I have been strictly meditating and journalling a full page every morning & reviewing it again at night, and I’ve noticed a huge difference.

The main shift I have noticed in my life is total presence. My mind is calm and I am completely in the moment, so I am generally happy for the most part of my day :) If something bad happens or I am triggered by someone, I am quick to shift my mood back to neutral, because I know that moping around doesn’t benefit me. Journalling has led my mind to be in complete clarity as far as my goals and things I want to attract in life. I have also been using it for gratitude affirmations; everyone knows that the more grateful you are, the more abundance will come in your life. I truly feel abundant and believe that the universe is taking care of me. I live in complete faith that everything is happening FOR me, and not TO me. I am in peace because I believe this.

I’ve generally had a tough time in my life with finding a balance due to the mental health issues I’ve faced, so to finally feel I have come to a healthy place feels so good! I honestly feel like I can do anything and the world is my oyster. I am finally rooting for myself and believe that I can accomplish anything I want to as long as I believe I can. I used to hate myself before and it was a vicious cycle of hate, fear and negativity. I am full of joy now and every second I breathe, I am happy :) I’ve learned that nothing can give me happiness, I have to create it for myself. Even if I were to receive a billion dollars or accomplish all the goals that I’m currently working on/manifesting, I would be in the same mindset as I am now (which thankfully is good!). But in the past, I’ve been in a horrible mind state and believed that accomplishing these things would make me feel whole or happy, and now I know that isn’t the case. You have to learn to be happy now, and you will be happy forever.

Journalling has been such a lifesaver for me as well. There is something about writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper that just makes it feel so official. It goes from a thought in your head to an actual piece of evidence you can hold, which has led me accountable to them. Everyday I am writing things I am grateful for (even if I don’t have them yet) and I have been watching them appear in my life day by day. It’s the faith that has kept me going, I have given all my power to the universe and I trust that it will come back to me. I have been working really hard on not having resistance towards the things I really want, which is challenging but necessary if I really want to manifest them. I have found the more I meditate on the topic, the more I am able to let go and trust that the universe has it under control. I feel so grateful that I have finally come to this place of balance and clarity, for so many years my mind felt scattered 24/7. I feel free and at peace, and I know how blessed I am in this life.

Self-care is a huge part in my life that I truly cherish. There are many things I do beyond meditating and journaling to feel self-love and taking care of myself. A lot of these things have to do with creating things, like doing my nails, cooking, organizing, doing yoga, using crystals, going to the gym, painting, going to the spa or reading a good book. My favourite self care activity is doing skin care masks and having a bath, using luxurious products on my skin which smell nice :) These things make me feel so feminine and independent. I call it a “Sophia Day” If I am having a night in and want to do any of these self care activities. I love to light candles and incense in my apartment and make it feel like a spa. All of these things make me feel so happy to be alive and well! Thank you universe for giving me my beautiful life! :)

Love, Sophia XOXO