Hey beauty queens! 

Today I've decided it was time to share my updated skin care routine. It usually changes every 6 months or so, but I always like introduce a new product or two every so often because I'm such a product whore. I love it. The treatments, the luxury and the fancy smells! It's been a dream of mine forever to have a skin care line, so stay tuned for that! :)  Also, I don't literally do all these steps every day and night, I am human and get lazy. This is just a condensed version of my skin care routine. Special thanks to the Eccotique Spas for the Glo Skin Beauty products. 



I was unaware until after I filmed this, but a few of the products have been discontinued! Like the mask I'm using, I cant believe they discontinued it, it's the best! I also have the Tight & Bright clay multi mask, which has two types of masks and I think the purple one is pretty similar to this discontinued mask. It's all about that amazonian clay. Also, the serum and the scrub treatment I used rebranded themselves. It's the same product though, they just have newer packaging which is WAY prettier. Good call on their part.