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Fractional Resurfacing Facial


Fractional Resurfacing Facial

Last month I visited The Vanity Lab, and received the caviar of all facials. This treatment uses an ablative laser to remove the top layer of your skin, forcing it to create and repair a new layer of fresh skin. Heres the quick low-down on my experience:


TIME? Less than an hour

COST? $750 CAD

RECOVERY? 3 days downtime. 2 weeks full recovery



Here is a video from my Snapchat (username: sophiapierson) right after the facial. My face was on fire!!

It felt similar to laser hair removal, tiny hot elastics hitting your skin, except this feels A LOT hotter and your face instantly feels like its burning after (which it is!). The only difference is that you can literally smell your skin burning, I kept joking with Bob (Manager & Skin Specialist) that it smelled like chicken dinner. He gave me a little tube that blew cold air on my skin so that I could relieve some of the pain. He also applied a topical numbing cream before the treatment which helped a bit, but I am VERY sensitive to pain. 

Here is a photo of my skin the next morning: 


Zoom in and notice my forehead and cheeks, you can actually see the dots where the laser hit. Keep in mind I have an ointment on my face, which you apply day and night for 3 days (Absolutely no makeup!). You can only wash your face with a water and a cloth, day and night for 3 days followed by the ointment. The ointment encourages desquamation (shedding) of the skin, which allows for virginal skin. My skin felt exactly how it looks in this photo above, like sandpaper.  

Here is a photo of me 2 weeks post treatment, full recovery:


This photo is completely unedited (no Facetune!) and you can see how fresh my skin looks. I have almost no pores left, and putting on makeup is an absolute breeze. Foundation sits on your skin nicer and lasts longer. I would say this treatment is PERFECT before a big occasion or a trip- especially where you will be taking a lot of photos. It kind of felt like I was erasing all the mistakes and starting fresh, which motivated me to keep up with my skin care regime. I've been using tons of masques and serums to absorb into the new skin. A lot of these expensive products go to waste if you don't properly exfoliate, they just end up sitting on top of all the built up gunk. 

Overall, it is safe to say that this treatment is a must try!! Check out The Vanity Lab if you are based in Vancouver, or check out their products online!